How It Works

Sign up for our program

Go to our program pageCLICK HERE, register by entering your email and password, so you can access your personal control panel.

Choose what and how to recommend products

Choose from our site which products to recommend to your followers or if you prefer recommend our site directly.
Share the tracking link, which you get from the control panel, within your stories and invite your friends to swipe up ... Otherwise ask us for a personal coupon code to share with your followers. 

Many discounts for them and a good earning opportunity for you.

Improve and track your progress

From your control panel you can keep track of your sales and results.
In addition to the money we will send you based on your success.

(for more information see the FAQs section below).

01. Solid reality

In America, this social engagement system is a solid reality especially in fashion and has allowed many social addicts to have a great return both in terms of visibility and money.

02. Earn money with fun

Everyone has a social media account, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or whatever it makes no difference. Why not take advantage of your time and your creativity on social media to make money too?

03. Secure payment

For every single sale you will be awarded a %;
Accumulate the percentages and until you reach the minimum collection threshold, you will be paid according to the method you prefer, whether it is by transfer to your bank account or via paypal it makes no difference to us.

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Is it safe to take part in the program?
Certo, basta registrarsi al link CLICCA QUI, fornire la tua email e una password per accedere al tuo personale pannello di controllo per tenere traccia dei tuoi progressi e dei pagamenti che ti effettueremo in base ai tuoi progressi.
How can I sponsor products once I have registered?
It's simple, just log into your control panel at the following link CLICCA QUI.
As soon as you enter the control panel, a section will appear on the home page with the wording "Your affiliate link". Share this link on social media through posts and / or stories to sponsor the product or site.

Or if you prefer to use a custom COUPON CODE to share,write us an email to request them.
How do I know if what I sponsored has actually been sold?
Domanda lecita, attraverso il tuo pannello di controllo, sezione "Ordini" sono classificati tutti gli ordini che sei riuscito/a ad effettuare con tutte le specifiche utili per tenere traccia dei tuoi sforzi.
I clicked on the link to see what my friends see, but I don't see the discount, why?
I tuoi amici possono utilizzare lo sconto in qualsiasi momento, inserendolo all'interno della voce CODICE SCONTO in fase di pagamento.
Anche se l'acquisto verrà effettuato dopo giorni dalla tua promozione, o i tuoi amici NON utilizzeranno il tuo link per andare sul sito (collegandosi da google, ad esempio), se utilizzano il TUO codice sconto in fase di acquisto, la vendita sarà riconducibile comunque a te .
Sorry but how can I know if I have really sold a particular product?
In the case of sharing your link (which you find in the home of your control panel), just go to the ORDERS section and see the history of the orders you managed to get.

In the case of a COUPON CODE instead, you will have to ask us directly (as in the case of the activation request).
But if I want to sponsor a particular product on your site, what can I do?
Do you want your friends to connect to the homepage of the site or to the page of that sweatshirt that you can no longer do without?
You choose what you want to share:
It's simple, just connect to your control panelCLICK HERE TO CONNECT, go to the "Link Generator" tab and create a new link by copying a particular page of our site, finally click on the "Generate" button.

3 fields will appear as a result, you have to use the "Affiliate link" field:
you can share this new link on your social channels.

ONLY use the link in the "Affiliate Link" field, otherwise we will not be able to track your sales and your efforts would be useless.
How long does it take to wait to get paid?
We have set a minimum threshold of 30 €, in this way as soon as the percentage of receipts paid to you reaches this figure, we will make the payment of your fees.
Ok, now I have reached the minimum threshold, how can I do to get what I deserve?
Appena registrato è bene che imposti un metodo di pagamento così possiamo restribuirti per il lavoro svolto. Clicca sulla pagina PROFILO (icona con omino vicino alla HOME) e definisci un metodo di pagamento cliccando su "Pagamento tramite" e seleziona quello che più preferisci.
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