The use of cookies and similar technologies by BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF, a company based in Via Eligio Brigatti, 56 - 20885, Ronco Briantino Italy, is part of the privacy policy, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 Code in protection of personal data (Privacy Code) and by the Provision of 8 May 2014 "Identification of the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies" of the Italian Privacy Guarantor. BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF, as Data Controller, acts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

1. Acceptance procedures
As specified in the brief information in the banner, you can give your consent to the use of cookies in a simplified form: by clicking on the "I UNDERSTAND" button or by closing the banner.
Continuing browsing by exiting this cookie policy in the absence of a specific consent management choice is equivalent to giving consent to the use of all cookies.

2. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that is sent to your browser and saved on your device when you visit a website such as Cookies allow efficient operation of the site and improve its performance, in addition they provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences.

3. Which cookies do we use and what is their final use?
Our site uses different types of first-party cookies, third-party cookies (prepared and managed by third parties based on their privacy policies and not under the control of BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF), each of which has a specific function. Below is an explanatory table.


1. Navigation cookies
From the first access these cookies allow the site to function properly and allow you to view the contents on your device by recognizing the language and market of the country from which you choose to connect. If you are a registered user, they will allow you to recognize yourself and access the services of the dedicated areas. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the site to function.

2. Functional cookies
These cookies allow you to recognize yourself on subsequent accesses, so that you do not have to enter your data at each visit. If you added items to your Shopping Bag and closed the session without completing the purchase and without deleting them, these cookies allow you to continue shopping the next time you access the site (within a limited period) by finding the selected items. They are not essential for the operation of the site, but improve the quality and experience of navigation.

3. Analytical cookies
These first-party cookies are used to collect anonymous and aggregate data. These cookies are used to process statistical analysis on how users navigate our site.
BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF treats the results of these analyzes anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes.

4. Marketing cookies and first and third party profiling
These cookies are designed to create user profiles in order to send commercial messages that meet your preferences during the visit or to improve your browsing experience: while browsing our site these cookies are useful for showing you products of your interest or similar to the ones you viewed. Third party cookies are those sent by third party companies of our trust. These cookies allow us to offer you our commercial proposal on other affiliated websites (retargeting). On third-party cookies we do not have control of the information provided by the cookie and we do not have access to such data. This information is totally controlled by third party companies as described in the respective policies.

5. Social Network cookies
These cookies are necessary to allow your social account to interact with our site. They are used, for example, to let you express your appreciation and to share it with your social friends. For more information on the policies of use of cookies by Social Networks, you can consult the respective privacy and cookie policy:






How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?

1. Browser
Most browsers are configured to accept, control or possibly disable cookies through the settings. We remind you, however, that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause unsatisfactory operation of the site and / or limit the service we offer.

2. Recently seen
In order to show you our products that you have already viewed (in the section of the site or app called "Recently viewed"), we also use technologies similar to cookies (in particular, "HTLM5 Local Storage") that store information in the Local Storage of the your device. We have no access to this information. To delete the information stored in the Local Storage of your device you can, at any time, proceed according to the following instructions.
You can delete the information present in the Local Storage of your device by clicking on the appropriate "Delete" button in the "View all" section of the "Recently Viewed", or through the browser you use.

With your express consent, you can receive personalized notifications on BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF products and commercial news (so-called "web push notification") on your device.
In order to send you these notifications, we use technologies similar to cookies that store information on your device. Some of your personal data is also stored on our servers - which are located in the European Union - for the management of "web push notifications".
The personalization of the communications is carried out based on the way you browse and use the Site and, in particular, on the products you viewed, purchased or placed in the cart or on the data you entered in the site registration form or during the purchase phase. of products on the Site (in particular, your name to personalize the communication sent to you and your date of birth to offer promotions and discounts dedicated to you on your birthday).

You can at any time withdraw your consent to receive these personalized commercial communications by proceeding, according to the browser you use, according to the following instructions.
Main browsers:
Chrome: Settings> Show Advanced Settings> Privacy - Content Settings> Notifications - Manage Exceptions> Enter and select "Block" Firefox: Options> Content> Notifications - Choose> - "Block" Safari: Preferences> Notifications> From here set the selector to "Reject"

You can also withdraw your consent to receive notifications also starting from the communications you receive, proceeding according to the following instructions.
Desktop: Right click on the notification> disable notifications from
Mobile: Access the notification center> Site parameters> Notifications> Block notifications from

For more information on this type of communication, consult the Site's privacy policy.

Access to data and Customer Service

You can at any time receive assistance and explanations on how to exercise your selective consent or denial or on how to delete cookies and related technologies from your browser, by sending an e-mail to the Customer Service by selecting "Privacy" as the subject or with a written request addressed to BREAKWOF to the postal address of the registered office, we will promptly reply.

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