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What do we do and who are we? is a trendy online store whose main purpose is to provide trendy clothing and accessories.

How can I search for an article?

To shop on BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF it is not necessary to be registered. However, creating an account through registration brings benefits.
To search for articles you can:

  • Use trends sections
  • Move between the various product categories
  • Use the "SEARCH" function at the top right.

How can I get product information?

By clicking on the data sheet of each product you will find all the combinations, sizes and colors available, its composition and availability in stock.
You can also view its images and / or videos.

How can I order a product?

To buy a product on BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF

  • From the product sheet select size and color.
  • Add product to cart
  • When you are done click on cart.
  • Fill in everything with your details or log in
  • Select the payment option and the type of shipping you prefer.
  • After checking the order log and if the information is correct, click on buy.
    After a few minutes you will receive an email with the order confirmation.
    From this point on, our warehouse will manage the delivery of your order and we will notify you at each step with an email.

Is it possible to make purchases from a mobile phone?

Yes, the site is optimized to provide the best shopping experience even on mobile.

Is it necessary to create an account to buy from the site?

Creating an account takes very little time and improves the shopping experience, so we recommend you do that.
By creating an account you will be able to make purchases faster, and if you register for our newsletter you will be able to receive information on discounts and promotions.


Can I change parts of my order?

Sorry, we are unable to change any part of your order (including the shipping address) or switch from Standard Shipping to Express once it has been sent.

Can I cancel an order I have placed?

After you have placed your order, we promptly begin processing your order and are unable to interfere with this process before your order is shipped and your card is charged.

However, you can return any items that are no longer needed for a full refund by express courier to us: you will need to create a return by writing to If you need more information, go ahead click here for our return policy.

Why is my order not being processed?

If you receive a notification that your credit card has been declined, be sure to confirm that all billing information, information, and postcode entered in your order match those stored by your credit card company.

How can I use the discount codes?

When you are in the cart in the final phase of the order, you can enter the discount code in the appropriate field and you will see the order total recalculated.

How can I check my order?

Within your account -> orders you can track the order in question.

Have I received a damaged item?

We always try to protect garments and this rarely happens but it can sometimes happen that items can be damaged during the transport process.

If so, please fill out our contact form in your user control panel with all the details and our customer support team will contact you immediately to help you.

or write us an email to customer service / customer care with all the details: order number and damaged product at the address

The product will be replaced as soon as possible at our expense without the application of any additional cost. If that particular product is no longer available, it will be possible to replace it with another product of your choice.

I have received an item, a color or a size different from the ones ordered.

If you have received a size, color or item other than those ordered, fill incontact module with all the details and our customer support team will contact you immediately to help you.

or write us an email to customer service with all the details at:

I have never received my package

If the status of your order has been updated to "Delivered" and you should not receive the package for another 24 hours, please notify our customer support team who will investigate further for you.

Write to request assistance at:

Why does the COUPON not work?

There are a few reasons why the promotional code might not work:

  • The promotion has expired
  • The order does not meet the minimum value requirements
  • Our promotional codes are case-sensitive; copy and paste the code directly from the email
  • Only one promotion can be added to each order; gift vouchers and promotional codes cannot be combined

If none of the solutions seem to work, contact us and we'll help you fix the problem.

Shipping & Returns

How and where do you ship the items?

We ship all orders by GLS courier, with delivery between 3/4 days on working days (Monday to Friday).
Orders are shipped, with the exception of some large items in special boxes with the BREAKWOFF logo.
At the moment we are unable to ship outside of Italy.

Can I send my shipment to another location that is not my home?

Yes, you can choose alternative shipping addresses every time you place an order.
Our members often choose to send their articles to their office as well.

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

We ship all orders via GLS to customers in Italy.
We are currently unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.

When will my shipment arrive?

All BREAKWOFF-DOUBLEF orders will be shipped from our distribution center with GLS within 3/4 business days (Monday to Friday).
Once the order has been placed, in fact, it is possible to wait up to two working days for processing, adding another 2 working days for delivery.

How can I find my tracking information and / or track delivery?

For incoming deliveries, you will receive an email with tracking information when your order has been shipped.
Also within the area of your profile in the sidebar, you can access the ORDERS item to check the status of your order (in processing - in transit - delivered).

My shipment arrives by courier, what should I expect ?

We are always working to improve your delivery experience and are excited to offer this service in your area
The tracking information will arrive via email and you will be able to independently check the status of your order in the appropriate section of your user profile.
Our partners have the ability to deliver up to 19.00 in residential locations and 17.00 in commercial buildings.

Is it possible to request a delivery even at night?

No, at the moment we are not organized to make overnight shipments.

How much is shipping ?

Shipping costs for BREAKWOFF are free with orders over 99 euros, otherwise 6 euros for standard shipping and 8 euros for premium shipping. If you need to return an item outside of normal shipping, you need to pay additional shipping costs.

How can I update my address ?

You can save one shipping address at a time in your account.
If you need to update it, go to your user profile section, click on "Addresses", edit and / or enter your new shipping address. Our system will confirm this and save it in your account.
Remember that we are currently unable to ship outside Italy or to PO boxes.

In the case of a return, can I send the items back with another courier ?

The label provided by us covers return shipping via our partner carrier and we currently do not offer options via other carriers.

If I have ordered multiple items and need to return, can I only return a particular item?

Of course, it is possible to carry out the rest only of particular items if you have ordered several items in the same order.

Can I return my items to a store ?

Currently, we do not accept BREAKWOF returns in any store.

Product Reviews

When and where can I write a review ?

After receiving an order, you can write a review at any time to tell the rest of the community how it looks, how you feel or how a particular dress or product fits.
Within each product page of the site it is possible to leave a review providing the number of stars from 1 to 5 and writing a description.

I wrote a review. Why isn't it on the site yet ?

We want to make sure the reviews are useful for our community, that's why we take the time to read them all!
Our team moderates each review according to our guidelines and therefore it may sometimes take some time for your review to go through the approval process.
You can typically expect to see your review posted on the product page within 5 business days.

Will I receive confirmation of an approved or rejected review ?

Hopefully, you won't hear us, but you will read your review online.
Otherwise we will notify you if it does not comply with the community guidelines.

Suggestion and guidelines for posting reviews ?

Le buone recensioni sono come gli amici fidati: le prime persone a cui ti rivolgi per un consiglio, sono sempre lì per te e ti diranno sicuramente nel modo più bello che i tuoi pantaloni sono troppo larghi e dovresti ordinare una taglia in meno.
Per rendere la tua recensione ancora più utile, potresti provare a rispondere ai seguenti punti:

  • Valuta la vestibilità e il fit del capo: sono elementi essenziali per aiutare gli altri clienti
  • Se un articolo era perfetto, rendici partecipi e spiegaci il perché.
  • Se un articolo non era quello che ti aspettavi, cosa non ha funzionato?
  • Dove lo hai indossato e con cosa?
  • Pensi che quel particolare articolo possa apparire diverso su un altro tipo di corpo? A chi consiglieresti (o non consiglieresti) questo articolo?
  • Hai qualche consiglio che vorresti far sapere prima di noleggiarlo? La vita era troppo larga o la lunghezza era giusta? C'era qualcosa nell'articolo che ti ha sorpreso? Il tessuto era più rigido di quanto ti aspettassi? Includi quanti più dettagli puoi.
Se un articolo è arrivato in condizioni non soddisfacenti, mettiti in contatto con il nostro team di assistenza clienti: ti contatterà immediatamente con una soluzione.
Ci riserviamo il diritto di rifiutare qualsiasi recensione relativa ad un problema a cui il nostro team può aiutarti.

Why was my review rejected ?

Eventuali recensioni, foto o commenti contenenti materiale inappropriato non verranno approvati.
Questo può consistere in (ma non è limitato a):

  • Linguaggio denigratorio o discriminatorio, volgare, aggressivo, inappropriato, materiale sessualmente esplicito e offensivo.
  • Promozioni o confronti con altri servizi o marchi
  • Informazioni di contatto o materiale promozionale.
  • Contenuto che può essere rilevato come spam e/o scam.
  • URL o collegamenti di qualsiasi tipo.
  • Violazione di diritti d'autore o marchi.
  • Eventuali commenti negativi o denigratori su altri clienti.
  • Promozioni sfacciate, proselitismo o campagne.
  • -Scrittura oscena, sessista o razzista.
  • - Le recensioni che menzionano il prezzo (se il confronto o il prezzo pagato) non saranno approvate.
Se un articolo è arrivato in condizioni non soddisfacenti, mettiti in contatto con il nostro team di assistenza clienti: ti contatterà immediatamente con una soluzione.
Le recensioni che includono informazioni specifiche sugli ordini non verranno approvate, in quanto non contribuiscono all'esperienza della comunità in modo più ampio, quindi ci riserviamo perciò il diritto di rifiutare qualsiasi recensione relativa a domande, feedback o problemi sull’ordine, qualità, problemi di spedizione o qualsiasi altro problema a cui si può fare riferimento rivolgendosi al nostro team di assistenza clienti.

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